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The Brand services we offer- from brand design of logos to look and feel and other creatives,  refer to the what, why, how and who of your business. This is when we define how your business is differentiated, indispensable to your tribe and determine who that tribe is.

Brand Communications focus on the how and where, as part of the visual identity of your brand. The ‘look and feel’ and tangible artifacts produced, adhering to guidelines created as a result of the initial inside out analyses on your business, is Branding.

So, by ‘branding’, we are referring to the process of creating the visual and auditory cues and artifacts that form your projected image and visual identity. This is the final tangible output that should come after we have successfully and comprehensively investigated, articulated and documented your business’ brand identity.

Contact us to discuss now how we can help your company. We can produce Brand Assets, style guides and colourways/colour scheme and other brand elements with clear agreed instructions on how they should be used, in turning a brand image into  a strong visual identity.

Visual Identity

Once we have access to your purpose, mission and drivers and understand your points of difference, the work begins. Having basically developed your brand, through research we would know who your customers are. The job then is understanding exactly how we catch the attention of these customers. Hence, visual identity is at the center of your marketing, which is crucial.  This  is done with a view not just on building a strong visual identity but still with an eye on eliciting and maintaining a strong emotional connection.

By this time, we would have an edge – we know who the brand’s consumers are and we have clarity about what will resonate with them, On that basis, we and our partners work closely with you to design your visual (and verbal) branding.

Fundamental aspects of branding are pinning down your target segment to drive the design of your visual identity and the crafting of segment appropriate messaging and storytelling.

Our branding methodologies also honour your customers by understanding who they are and what your brand means to them on several levels. Reinforcing these themes can propel more customer buy in. These factors all  act as bulwarks at challenging times when communications should be tailored to help manage perceptions.

Set the narrative with stunning brand identity

Let’s help you design a branding experience, look and  feel that match your dreams and aspirations


We never let you forget that you are in the battle to get into the minds of your target prospects, hook in and stay there. In an overcommunicated world, there must be some strategy to find and attract your tribe. Your tribe are the customers who perceive your offerings as indispensable, differentiated for them and even worth paying a premium for. Their perception of the quality and completeness of what they get from you, is entirely validated in their hearts. They start telling your story to themselves.

Any marketing campaign will require some market research and use online marketing distribution channels. Digital Marketing and Social Media considerations are central to communicating your brand. Your brand assets and messaging must be optimised to all different channels, once we have developed your branding.

So, do you really know who you are targeting for your business? Do you know how to appeal to the target segment’s emotions and their likes and dislikes? Are you standing out in their minds or just in yours?  We develop marketing strategies and campaigns that increase brand awareness and visibility . We signpost interaction points to your customers for your brands and that are geared, ultimately to satisfying customers at some level – a desire for information, validation or inspiration.



Data Science

Focus Groups

Artifacts and Styling
Branding Design

Your branding is the coat of arms, the calling card, the team uniform and the rallying cry of your brand. It’s the tangible form created from all the key drivers  and factors of your business. If our Inside-Out Brand Strategy is looks at why and  how you get seen and heard, your branding is literally what is seen and heard.

Design is driven through brainstorming and other group process, whether you are a new or brand seeking a new brand look after the repositioning. Whatever your journey reason is, one thing we can promise you is that you will get seen and heard. We’ll bring your branding up a notch.

Executing the ‘Inside-Out’ Insights

Using the lessons from Inside-Out sessions or building a perspective from scratch about your brand values and identity, we create a sense based, tangible (visual/verbal/tactile/olfactory) framework for depicting and representing your business offerings through the branding. Using as many practical touchpoints as it is possible to, we create a world of branding that is the vehicle for delivering your brand message and promise to your tribe.

Also, don’t worry if you have not found that business name yet, this process helps to narrow the options and inspire, and we can help to find the right name or strap lines.

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