Proposition and Position
Perception and Promise

Brand image and identity are core elements of your brand expressed in branding artifacts, look and feel that helps your business convey strong signals about who you are and why you do what you do.

Brand Identity

Brand identity refers to the look, feel and recognisability of your brand and is a key component of but not the same as brand image.
Recognisability and reliability are crucial but the true power of branding is in its overall image. But the look and feel, your colors and message,  these are all components of your visual brand identity. They do not encapsulate or represent your brand, nor do they represent your purpose or relevance. Other brand services we offer, deal with those aspects that do. We work with you to understand, project and encapsulate the relational triggers you want to engender and help you emotionally and psychologically engage with your target market, that is your tribe.

Connecting Purpose to Position to build Proposition

Building brand image and identity is a layered effort. When we seek to create a brand, our focus and yours must be to create a position and proposition that resonates with your tribe, in such a way that you are part of the fabric of their lives, their wants needs, their ‘go to’ lexicon. It’s easy to surmise when standing the shoes of your tribe that your brand is ultimately what your tribe believes it is. The magic is setting out to create and project a position, promise and proposition that they believe, accept and apply as you intended. Your proposition, as much as possible, needs to arouse passion in your tribe, and it needs to sustain it. That’s what the strategy we discuss with you is about. That’s what the research you commission with us should help to ascertain, affirm, confirm, and that will help to mobilise your tribe.

Your target segments realised

Your tribe are the people who are believers, connected to your brand, your business offerings and to an idea and position that resonated and which they then opted into. Your identity then, is part of the image that the tribe has chosen to relate to, interact with and even grow with.

Developing brand image and identity is about, among other things, raising resonance. Resonance is invaluable for building these emotional connections. The emotional connections are in turn priceless as they help your brand to stand out. It helps your message to cut through and earns you advocates, evangelists and supports who help create a tribe for your brilliant and beloved brand. In the battle for supremacy, perception, not true superiority is key. Perception of your brand’s attributes engenders a trust in your product, its attributes and delivery that differentiates your brand and means your tribe will never consider other options because they have convinced themselves. Your brand image is the perception, the intangible qualities of product and delivery that your tribe believe about you – the causes you celebrate and fight for, the values you represent and the wants and needs you meet that are all emotional and psychological.

Brand Identity vs Brand Image

Visual and verbal branding is where identity diverges from image – the tangible elements – the look, feel, colours, graphics, logo, music or signature tune – elements that allow  your message to cut through with the strength and efficacy of someone saying your name. It’s a visual signature on the promise your tribe carries in their minds,  like the face and voice they put to a loved one. Using features of your product and the purpose if your business and the intersects with your target markets desires,  artifacts are identified that reflect and bolster the brand’s narrative and create handles for your tribe to utilise in interactions with you. We will help you create identity guidelines that facilitate consistency in all your business’s brand artifacts.

Powerful identities are born of compellingly communicated purpose, proposition and promise that allows your customers to carve out a position for your brand. To distil this, we work directly with ambitious leaders,as part of your team with our people and trusted partners to deliver all the dimensions necessary to this work. Working with us means getting access to a number of other verified suppliers and services and we provide full and transparent project management, taking the time to immerse ourselves in your business and fully understand your business.

Building perceptual tethers
Brand Image

Your brand image is the perception, the intangible qualities of product and delivery that your tribe believe about you – the causes you celebrate and fight for, the values you represent and the wants and needs you meet that are emotional and psychological.

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