The seed of the promise
The Fruition of Potential

Strategic research and positioning. Creative brand design. Innovative business consulting. Iconify combine these elements to deliver effective brand development. With the goal of building resonant and responsive brands fit for ever changing competitive and technologically dynamic modern business landscape, our brand services run the full gamut of solution provision that a new business would need to make a splash or that an established one could utilise to renew, rejuvenate or extend their market position and perception. Brand development is just as important for a small or new business as it is for those who are scaling or larger and transforming.

Our brand development strategies encompass a range of services that make building your brand as much about gaining and using insights as it is about building the image desired, based on those insights. Services defining your brand’s purpose and values, identity, using ideation for brand naming processes and the creation of strong straplines and collaborative idea generation for marketing and brand communications. We are highly creative and combine this with strategic vision and expertise in branding and design, and leverage the input of cross functional teams.

Brand Development

The challenge and thrill of developing a new brand is one big reason we really love the work we do. Uncovering of layer after layer of possibility and the fresh opportunities it presents for expression and differentiation is something we never get enough of and why we really love the brand development process.
The journey to make a lasting statement about your brand and creating a successful brand, starts with an idea but the purpose of the brand starts with your product or service offering. We work to pinpoint the relevant market segment and identify their unmet wants and needs in order to articulate a strong offering and pitch of about your brand’s value. Your brand’s message should encapsulate that value in emotional and benefit terms.

What's the Big Idea?

Ideas are catalysts for the deployment of huge potential. Finding the idea that encapsulates your difference and ambition for your brand, that can engender brand passion and has the stamina to stay sustainable, is precious.  It’s also central to building your brand. The ability for that idea to be easily expressed is also important but the process needs to be accessible and done in as open a manner as possible. We focus on the big picture, the concept and the mission to describe it visually as well as literally, in order to touch and move, influence and inspire or provoke and divide.

Ideas. They could be where we start but they are never where we finish.

Get started with brand development

The first step is the hardest but we are here to hold your hand.

Verbal Branding, Straplines and other Stories

We help you coin the phrase for your purpose and name your meaning. The phrase your customers recognise, the short text string that speaks volumes to so many. Once we get your purpose, and we capture the essence of your target segment, we encapsulate your brand’s meaning in words will form part of a generation’s lexicon. It’s everything you want to stand for and be known for. We believe in storytelling as a great tool for getting to the heart of your target audience, one that will captivate and convince them. It’s a core element of brand development.

Be heard with our verbal branding
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New Brand Creation, Naming and Storytelling

Establish emotional connections through purpose and USP, then activate it through a seamless multi-channel journey.
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Research and Positioning

Conduct wide ranging industry and competitive research and use analytics for targeting and positioning for your offering, then provide marketing & messaging clarity.
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Strategic Analyses and Insights

Analysis of USP , market dimensions to determine positional opportunities, threats, strengths and weakness, and identify gaps, insights and new methods.
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Agile transformation helps to assure change programmes and ensure validation of requirements and the shape of project deliveries

Strategic and Creative Branding

The process of translating values and image to a strong and compelling identity in a a way that shows and solidifies your position and recognition
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