Build Your Brand Equity through Brand and Web Services

Imbuing your business with everything it needs to build your brand equity and power, starts with brand purpose, alignment with your principles and business strategy in ways that position your business and brand experience uniquely in the mind of your customer. By designing a strong brand and developing a strong and credible web presence, through your website and messaging, we help you build a brand reputation to be proud of. Click on the links below to get more information or call now to discuss on +44(0)20 8191 9008 or contact us now to arrange a consultation and join the new generation of brand stalwarts.

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What is Brand?

‘Brand’ is about love and loyalty, passion and principles, positioning and purpose, people and process. It’s about all of the values running through what you do, why you do it and what it means or should mean something to your tribe of customers. Most importantly and much overlooked, is how it all translates to how you do what you do and contributes to your brand reputation.


‘Brand’ is synthesis of everything your consumer believes and feels about your business, your offering and why you exist and it’s why they gravitate to you, engage and transact with you and keep doing so. It’s everything to do with the brand position they accord you in their minds. Brand experience, for the customer, defines the brand because ‘brand’ is an emotional construct that savvy businesses can influence.

Brand Assets, Architecture and Collateral are not the whole story. Your logo and the colourways of your branding only the end of the story and they rely on the whole brand story. The story the customer tells themselves about the benefits of your brand to them and their lives and lifestyles. To start and stay sustainable, your purpose, values and identity which we uncover layer by layer, are key. We help you drill into this using our Inside Out Brand Strategy Method.

There is no underestimating the true power of brand as this article explains. You will need our strategic vision and skills, deep industry insights attained through research and data analysis and expertise in business analysis, branding and design and the input of dynamic cross-functional teams creates works of real ambition, aspiration and vision, that get noticed in an over-communicated marketplace. These are just some reasons why brand is important.

How we can help build your brand

Iconify combine creative brand consulting and design with innovative business advisory and implementation to help clients build resonant and responsive brands fit for the ever-changing competitive and technologically dynamic modern business landscape. We’ll work with you to determine your purpose and evolve a market position that you can lead and thrive within. Our services run the full gamut of solution provision that a new business would need to make a splash or that an established one could utilise to renew, rejuvenate or extend their market position and perception.

We help you with:

  • brand strategy, brand development and brand management, and focus on enhancing brand experience and optimising engagement.
  • leaders discover and define the purpose required to be a resonant brand, with naming and creating straplines or taglines,
  • idea generation for marketing and brand communications,  industry and competitor research and the attendant data analytics, positioning and strategy, design, internal engagement and operating model redesign, digital and social media campaigns and brand risk management.
  • consider how to improve your customer journey and raise the likelihood of a favourable brand experience and to anticipate possible areas of risk to your brand reputation and optimise readiness to deal with adverse events, always with an eye to sustaining brand equity.

The engagements, pleasure and other benefits your customers derive from interaction with your brand constitute Brand Experience


Build your Website and Online Presence

Turn your ideas and dreams into a powerful design and compelling reality that can help build your business, online presence and brand equity. Using a change agency to build your website has many inbuilt advantages, not least deep technical and software development experience, paired with project and risk management skills. This gives us the ability to look beyond the facade and into challenges and opportunities to promote not just your web presence but other aspects of your business. For Web Design and Development, we help with structure, making sure you have a responsive website that is good for mobile and design it so that it is high converting. It is well worthwhile spending time to ensure that you make an investment in your website’s functionality, high performance and optimisation right from the outset to propel your business in these turbulent times.

To build and design your professional website, we can customise or go fully bespoke, dependent on your goals and budget, and to keep your business looking and being professional, we will provide ongoing support and troubleshooting for your website, ensure that security is established and safeguarded and take care of your updates. We recommend and can help you to implement peace of mind hosting for your valuable web collateral. With our strong technical and integration capabilities, we can provide handholding with other digital initiatives, integration with your CRM or ERP and other proprietary software. We also specialise in payments integration, gateways and bespoke extended functionality for SMEs.

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Technical Integrations and Software Development


Building Your Brand Equity

Brand equity is the value of your brand to your company. Keller describes a process for building your brand equity that creates the ideal conditions for increasing the value of what your business does through the perception of your customers.

Beyond Features

Beyond the features of your service or product, your brand is built and held and sustained in the minds of your customer. It is constituted of all feelings and ideas and perceptions born of engagement, exposure and experiences that a consumer has with your brand.

Customers. It seems obvious but they must be central to all strategies one employs in building up the brand image and identity. Brand equity cannot exist outside of customers because they must be persuaded to buy into your brand. Which means you must target the right customers. Powerful brand equity is a gift that can net your business recognition, the benefit of the doubt and scribing of authority, goodwill and intentions just based on perception and the consistent brand experience you offer to your customers.

The key to building your brand equity lies in building awareness, communicating your brand’s reasons for existing and purpose and work to intentionally and actively influence or change your customer’s perception of your company and build and maintain a deep and personal bond with your customers.

Quality products and services matter – the features matter but they are not the most important thing – delivery and engagement count far more because decisions are made mostly based on emotion. Keeping astride of industry trends and innovations is vital in staying relevant to your target segment. Consistent engagement with the customer and maintaining a consistent and reliable brand image is critical to maintaining brand equity.


Brand Reputation

Which came first – brand reputation or brand perception? Did brand reputation give rise to a certain brand perception or did brand perception make people act in ways with relation to the brand that gave it a certain reputation? 

One thing is certain, to control reputation, which is in many ways controlled by people other than us and even our customers, we must control brand perception, from the get-go. As part of brand development and brand strategy, we must define our purpose, identify our positioning, define our principles and our promise in order to take actions that will build our brand perception. How well those are implemented, how well we deliver on our promises, will start to build a brand reputation from the ground up.   Well…. ish.

Because in the age of social media which has changed the game, one ill-judged tweet can do a lot of heavy lifting in trashing hard-won reputation and even brand equity. Control for reputation now rests with stakeholders to a degree it just didn’t in the past. Still, a focus and consistent reference to the building blocks of brand strategy, particularly around brand purpose, can stave off many of these pitfalls. This is dependent upon a crucial brand dimension – people – your internal customers and how they have internalised your purpose and their role in it. Not only does brand experience rely on it, but increasingly brand reputation, as your staff will speak as much for you and about you as your customers and could have a greater impact at critical moments.

When we talk about Brand reputation, we’re considering the perception and reports based upon those perceptions of a brand, their offering and its attributes, their actions or lack of action and a general feeling for it, whether positive and favourable or negative and potentially destructive. Ultimately reputation is built by trust and confidence and a reduction in either will lead to an unfavourable reputation. Reputations can be recovered, and that as soon as possible but it’s far easier to hark back to purpose in all actions.

Keep your business improving

With a focus on brand. Let’s change the game.

Brand strategy should be central to business strategy

You’ve successfully built the brand, a tribe around your offering who are incredible advocates generating referrals and word of mouth and enviable online buzz. You’ve built an asset. If to protect your business and give it the best long term chances of survival and competition, you decide to undertake significant business change, would your brand strategy not play a part in the business strategy? Yet, everyday, businesses make this critical mistake of not protecting their brand strategy and putting it at the center of their endeavours. We can help you to do this.

Brand reputation strategy stems from protecting the brand and incorporating it into the business strategy

Web and Online Strategy

Web and online strategy can help you build visibility, authority and of course build brand equity. The purpose of the design and build of  a website goes beyond a critical digital presence but done well, can help you better engage with your core customers and use to great effect the messaging derived from the brand strategy process.

Bringing Life to your Brand

What is Brand Purpose and Why Does it Matter?

Let’s look at Why Brand Purpose Matters, first.

Brand purpose matters because it connects with your customers on an emotional level, the level at which engagement, purchase and attachment decisions happen. Now, we all know, customers today are savvier, more politically and socially engaged than they used to be and just see the connections in their buying choices in a way they didn’t in the past, for example with the environment or with sweatshops. So your purpose is critical for them, and how your brand relates with them.

It’s also critical for you as a business because it should define why and how you make particular decisions about the directions you choose to go in and how you implement initiatives and those decisions. When your actions and stated purpose are in conflict, they create a schism that presents as a dissonance to your customer who then perceives your brand as somehow inauthentic. This causes a disengagement with the brand over time and a drop off in purchases, referrals and advocacy and must be avoided at all costs. 

Purpose runs through everything you do

Purpose should run through everything your brand does

What is Brand Purpose then?

Brand purpose is the reason that your business exists beyond a profit motive and in terms of the good it exists to do in the world or the things it wants to change. This must relate in some way to your offering.

For this reason, people get hung up on it and think it’s easier for a charity to define brand purpose than for them, a going concern for profit but this need not be the case. Brand purpose is critical for increasing brand equity and as such is a necessary part of building a brand. Sally Blount in the HBR  says your purpose is your promise to customers – we think it’s slightly different but agree with the implication that an authentic brand promise cannot exist without clarity on brand purpose. Deciding on and communicating your brand promise, like your brand position,  is all part of the Brand Strategy continuum, of which Brand Purpose is of course ground zero.

Your brand purpose should set out how you plan to add value to the world; to the lives of your customers as well as stakeholders and society at large, and should differentiate you from your rivals and set the tone for your objectives as a business and how you operate. Finding brand purpose is not easy but because it can help create a powerful bond with your customers, it is definitely worth going through the process. It is the catalyst for brand love and loyalty and the advocacy that comes from customer’s feeling that a brand is part of them and their lifestyle. It defines and delineates all the efforts your business makes to engage, differentiate and reinforce your brand position. It is just pure gold to brand marketing efforts.

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