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Lauryn Hill

Brand strategy should be central to business strategy

Bringing Life to your Brand

Brand Assets, Architecture and Collateral are not the whole story. Your logo and the colourways of your branding, you are associated with are just the end of story and they rely on the story. To start and stay sustainable, your purpose, values and identity which we uncover layer by layer, are key. We help you drill into this using our Inside Out Brand Strategy Method.


‘Brand’ is about about love and loyalty, passion and principles, positioning and purpose, people and process. It’s about all of the values running through what you do, why you do it and what it means or should mean something to your tribe of customers. Most importantly and much overlooked, is how it all translates to how you do what you do.


Iconify combine creative brand consulting and design with innovative business advisory and implementation to help clients build resonant and responsive brands fit for the ever changing competitive and technologically dynamic modern business landscape. We’ll work with you to determine your purpose and evolve a market position that you can lead and thrive within. Our services run the full gamut of solution provision that a new business would need to make a splash or that an established one could utilise to renew, rejuvenate or extend their market position and perception.

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Let’s help you with naming and creating straplines or taglines, idea generation for marketing and brand communications,  industry and competitor research and the attendant data analytics, positioning and strategy, design, internal engagement and operating model redesign, digital and social media campaigns and brand risk management.

There is no underestimating the true power of brand as this article explains. You will need our strategic vision and skills, deep industry insights attained through research and data analysis and expertise in business analysis, branding and design and the input of dynamic cross functional teams creates works of real ambition, aspiration and vision, that get noticed in an overcommunicated marketplace.

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