Creating resonant Brands
Find Resonance

Your brand is a promise and how well you keep that promise defines whether yours is one of the resonant brands. The brands that will grow and eclipse their forebears. Your promise is a position in the marketplace, much like a territory. What you represent in the market to people that you want to influence and move, is attributable to how accurately, acutely and completely you can appeal to that target market  How compelling can you make your message? How well can you enable customers to believe you can give them what they want and how well will you deliver on that?

Our objective is to iconify your brand, promote what you stand for and enhance your place in the market to make your brand resonant, because iconic brands are resonant brands, who rule their territory. The idea of resonant brands derives from Keller’s brand resonance  building block that suggests that resonance is the strength of a customer’s psychological engagement with the brand and  the steps to how this is formed.

We believe that resonance is power, that sustaining resonance is about preparedness and dynamism, and the constant polishing and promotion of the most effective parts of your business. Adverse events can cause some resonance to be lost but we can help you prepare for such eventualities and also pinpoint opportunities for readiness and improvement so that your resonant brand can keep on shining.


Problems we help our clients solve

We help our clients Iconify their brands by creating or reinforcing resonance in the following ways, to name a few.

We need a vibrant new brand

We generate innovative and data-driven ideas with diverse teams that look beyond the surface

We need business transformation

We manage the change you must make to inadequate operations and outmoded, immature processes.

We've had or need a Culture Shock!

Shake up your brand and innovation culture through internal engagement and innovation capability.

We need Boss branding

Fresh and Fierce. The heart and power of your brand, translated to design, a dynamic visual identity.

We need effective communications

Craft compelling messages across web and social media that will reach your audience and move the needle.

We need a CX Orientation

Shape your brand experience by empowering and training staff to be brand ambassadors and protectors.

We crave greater visibility and creative solutions

SEO to social media, we tell stories that travel and narratives that captivate with PR focusing on your uniqueness.

We need greater growth

We conduct research and compile the requisite data to get a better understanding of your markets and opportunities to identify opportunities for growth.

We need a brand playbook for our new venture

We’ll go full brand hack mode to define your  brand strategy, build your web presence,  image and story.

We're a little lost on Digital

We’ll help you start the digital journey and plug only the gaps you need to for now and the future.

We're ready to focus on people

Address your people policies and capabilities with reference to your brand values.

We need great software and tech

You’ll work with great people who get your business & challenge, provide great solutions and write great code!

everything your business does
Constitution of Resonant Brands

Resonant brands do not spring fully formed from  a great idea and colourful branding. They are the result of focused brand strategy, continuous business improvement with optimised  technology and a tight alignment of all that happens at the front end through staff interaction with customers and customer experience. Brand resonance  is a result of  an end to end cycle of operations and brand interaction with its audience and how change is managed in the organisation.

  • Brand Aligned Business Strategy
  • Brand Communications
  • Optimised Operations
  • Branding
  • IT, Software and Digital
  • Engaged Employees
  • Innovation
  • PR and Risk Readiness
  • Brand Strategy