The Brand Resonance Challenge

Successful companies understand the desirability of resonant brands to claim and retain market share, and our clients value their brands highly because their position and power in the market is inextricably linked to their brand.

They understand that for their customers, the brands themselves command deep and complex psychological and emotional attachments. Attachments that are near impossible to replicate or duplicate. They know that the value of a resonant brand is priceless.

The variables are numerous – from how your company runs the day to day, the degree of seamlessness and efficacy of your technology, how it interfaces with your business operations, how innovative and agile your company is in adopting change, to the commitment and the interest of people you employ to represent the brand and the way they handle exceptions and disaster events and how supported your staff and customers feel – all these factors are critical to your brand’s performance in the market place and on maintaining your grip on your competitive prowess.

This is why we believe that transformation must be undertaken with the protection, enhancement and promotion of the brand at the forefront of all change considerations. Procedures to address all permutations of potential and catastrophic risk scenarios must exist through all key operations, with the right mix of actions, communications and PR for adverse or catastrophic events planned, implemented and rehearsed, ready to be deployed to palliate the impact of any such events, no mater how unlikely.

Iconify exist to close this gap – to help your company positively and directly link critical activities that are potentially hazardous to brand performance as part of transformation programmes to provide an extra level of assurance to programme delivery that safeguards brand integrity and resonance.

However, it sometimes takes very little to break the loyalty to your brand – the brand’s exposure in every customer interaction forms part of the customer’s overall experience. Transformation programmes routinely overlook the impact of internal operational processes, their structure and sequence, on the customer experience, which can be significant especially when things go left, and events and media reports threaten the resonance of your brand. Processes and operating models, produce silos and experiential vacuums for your biggest asset, your customer, who should be the ultimate focus of all transformation, whether the transformation trigger is regulatory, operational or otherwise. Omissions, actions or lack thereof, from front line staff, due to lack of knowledge or training, failure of a support function or lack of information; or the lack of an adequately scoped and enriched risk management plan are common examples of events that can and do, erode brand loyalty and power imperceptibly, sometimes irreversibly, by degrees.

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