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The Proposition

Our Proposition – Create a brand that makes an impact

We have a proposition for you – let’s create an amazing brand. What’s going to make it amazing? We’re going to differentiate and position it correctly, build power in through capability and bake resonance in through purpose and people, making use of digital marketing to engage with your people. Your brand is a promise. Your promise is a position in the marketplace, a distinctive star in a galaxy. How do you twinkle? How will you shine? We help clients acutely and accurately define and appeal to your target market by helping you keenly identify and differentiate your core offering.

Then we help you craft a resonant message to shout about your brand using a range of channels and innovation, with digital transformation and innovation at the forefront of brand communications.  To help you keep your shine, we provide guidance to identify the gaps in your operations that may compromise your customer experience and build internal and external campaigns that will help you keep your brand’s promise every time.

Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing Matters

Risk Management and Preparation for Adversity

We work with you to prepare your processes and operations for when things go wrong, stop working or a new situation arises. We help clients optimise operational responses to meet upcoming risks and challenges adequately, so you can recover strongly, reassert stability and shore up your brand against exposure to negative social media or press.

Change Management Proess in Transformation

Drive delightful CX

Business Transformation is fraught with risks but managed well, is so full of the potential for great reward. Iconify analyses your current practices for opportunities to improve brand resonance through the targeted use of technology and transformation of the processes that underpin your business and contribute to your customers’ experience of your business.

We focus on how your customers perceive all engagements with your brand, and transformation of the technology that drives your processes and propels your full capability. All transformation is evaluated through the prism of its power to enhance the impact of your brand and deliver delightful  customer experience to your customers.

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